Case Study – Direct Sales Company (B) – Platform Migration and Software Release through Blendsourcing™


The client, a direct sales company, was migrating technology platforms to another to support their intensive growth and maintain a competitive advantage. If completed successfully, the migration would generate millions of dollars of cost savings and substantial revenue growth. In addition, an upcoming distributor conference created a critical deadline for the roll out. The client lacked the expertise and capacity to pull off this large undertaking.



Veracity was brought in to provide much of the leadership and coaching within several critical areas identified as gaps in the client’s organization including; Agile, Product Management, Architecture, and Development.  Veracity was also tasked with accelerating production through staff augmentation. During the initial phases Veracity Agile leadership strengthened the clients’ Agile practice to build a sustainable culture while leading planning and backlog development for this large-scale project. Veracity provided an interim VP of Engineering, and several senior engineers were added to the team to mentor the client’s more junior staff, while increasing production capacity. Lastly, Veracity’s Product Management practice Blendsourced™ with the client’s PM team to elevate skill levels and improve focus and efficiency.



The new platform was successfully rolled out, on schedule, saving millions in cost and providing an avenue for increased revenue. After meeting the original deadline and delivering the completed project, Since the roll out, Veracity has continued to enhance the client’s capabilities in the areas of Agile, senior level development and product management on additional projects.  There has been a steady stream of leadership mentoring and knowledge transfer to the client.