Case Study: Healthcare Exchange Company – Blendsourcing™ with a client team to elevate team and release software product

A growing healthcare insurance exchange faced regulatory requirements for significant new functionality prior to the annual open enrollment. The organization lacked both the internal expertise, and the capacity to complete the work by the looming deadline.


Veracity initially engaged with an Agile Inception to plan out the requirements, followed by a recommended blended release project. The blendsourced team consisted of 2 senior developers, a quality assurance engineer and a Scrum Master from Veracity with 2 developers, a quality assurance engineer and a product owner from the client. The goal for the blended Veracity team was to elevate the developer and automated QA skills of the client team members.


After 6 months of on the project the team produced a high quality product on cutting edge technology within the scoped time frame. Additionally, the leadership and expertise provided by Veracity lead to a follow up engagement with the client.