Case Study: Healthcare Solutions Company – Architectural guidance & transformation

The client had a large product ecosystem hosted on an antiquated & complicated platform. This complex, monolithic system suffered from significant technical debt and limited scalability, which had become a significant impediment to business growth. After roughly 2 years of unsuccessfully attempting to modernize the architecture, the client decided to seek outside help.


After performing a system architecture assessment, Veracity delivered an incremental strategy for modernizing the client’s platform focused around improving system scalability, accelerating development throughput, and reducing time to market. Using our Blendsourcing™ model, architects from Veracity and the client worked together to produce an execution plan and secure political and financial commitment to the migration. From there, Veracity and client architects met quarterly to review progress, make course corrections, and plan for the upcoming quarter.


The core of the new architecture was delivered within 6 months and the client has been steadily adding new services and teams to the effort. The strategic direction was widely adopted and is now a standard part of the client’s IT and business cultures.