Case Study: Population Health Company – Architectural Guidance & Transformation


The client needed to reorganize product delivery. The organization lacked a strategic approach to facilitate architectural integration with product and development teams. An immature architecture culture caused this large organization to act like a small development shop. Projects lacked proper planning and coordination, which often caused duplication, lack of clear direction, and serious issues with final deliverables.



Veracity was engaged to define and restructure the architecture organization to create a positive culture change with a single source of architectural governance. The engagement included an enterprise architect and several solution and application architects.



Within a few months significant progress was made, with the newly created architecture teams positively impacting more than three dozen development teams. The engagement fostered a new understanding of the architect’s role throughout the organization. Architectural support was integrated into development teams for the first time. This closer integration helped the Architectural team to work more strategically to develop a clear road-map that the entire development organization could support.