Case Study: Population Health Company – Product Management Guidance and Transformation


The client had built a monolithic software system that needed to be segmented it into several smaller pieces to better meet market needs. They faced a major decision about whether the different functions could be separated, which features and benefits should be available in each piece, and how the breakup could be successfully managed.



Veracity’s Product Management team worked to identify the risks and rewards of a variety of approaches by working through several frameworks and canvas models. The Blendsourced™ team, led by Veracity consultants, conducted extensive interviews with buyer personas and collected in-depth competitor intelligence of similar offerings. Early months of the engagement also included risk adjustment exercises and work with the executive team to lead the organization towards the desired culture.



The first significant success was a multi-day company meeting that involved nearly three dozen development teams. The teams implemented the new product management strategy, resulting in a company-wide alignment of strategy and structure. To date, the company continues to adopt the product management tools introduced by the Veracity team. The teams continue to work well together and experience major improvements in culture and process.