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Whether you are just beginning your agile journey, or you consider your teams agile, and you want to fine-tune things, we can help. We'll help you assess where your teams are at, design a roadmap for improvement, and execute a plan to move forward.

Agile Assessments

You will get an objective analysis of your current culture, processes, and overall agile maturity. Based on this analysis, we will work with you to develop a customized roadmap and provide guidance to change your agile culture. Then we can help you implement that plan, build internal agile leadership, and sustain those changes over time.

Agile Transformations

With our help, you can transform your agile culture to embrace and implement agile principles and practices. We will help you create a roadmap for transformation, including customized classroom instruction, hands-on coaching, and interim agile leadership while you grow your internal team. Our pragmatic side-by-side mentoring approach will help your teams move forward quickly and sustain the agile transformation.

Agile Training

We can provide your teams with high-quality Agile training customized to fit your needs. We have training for executives, developers, product owners, QA and UX teams. Topics include Agile Bootcamp, Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe), ScrumMaster, Agile PO, Agile QA, Agile UX, and Agile Planning and Discovery.
If you’d like to turbocharge your training efforts, then we can combine them with our Agile Assessment and Agile Transformation programs for maximum effectiveness.

Agile Inception and

  • What product should we build?
  • About how much will it cost and about how long will it take?
  • What are the risks involved?
  • Is our architectural plan sound?
  • Do we have the right team/budget/skills for success?
These are the kinds of question that should be answered before a team gets started building something new. Over the years we have created a set of processes to help our clients answer questions like this, and we call this exercise an Agile Inception. If you are creating an entirely new product and want to validate your ideas, innovate, and get early feedback, then we can also lead your teams through some rapid prototyping exercises we call a Lean Inception. As your team grows towards Agile maturity, we can train your agile leaders to drive these processes as part of your agile transformation.

Solve Your Problems
At The Root

Implementing an agile mindset and agile principles can help you improve a number of challenges experienced by software teams.

Wasted Development

Implementing agile principles will help your development organization stay focused on launching the features that will add the most business value. Having more rapid feedback will help to identify needed changes quickly, including catching errors. This will enable your teams to pivot quickly, address defects, and respond with new ideas focused on the most important issues. Then you can adapt your roadmap quickly based on this feedback and learning. We can help you adopt agile principles so that you can minimize wasted development.

Missing Sales Targets

Implementing agile best practices will help you gather more frequent feedback from your customers. As you validate this feedback with the rest of the market, you can create a product roadmap that provides higher value to your customers. As a result, you will be in a better position to hit your sales goals. We can help you build an agile culture to better shape your product and move towards success in the market.

Product Strategy Alignment

Adopting an agile culture will gather feedback from your users, providing the evidence you need to achieve greater alignment with your product vision. This same evidence may help you shift your strategy to better fit what the market needs. We can help you achieve better alignment with your product strategy by helping your organization follow agile principles.

Lack of Innovation

You can innovate by simply meeting unmet needs in the market in creative ways. You can gain the market insights you need by rapidly releasing new features and receiving rapid feedback on how well accepted they are. We can help you innovate by adopting a foundation of agile principles and practices.

Team Morale and Retention

Finding and retaining great talent on your teams is a key to success. This requires a great culture where smart people feel like they have the freedom to do what needs to be done (Autonomy), they can learn and grow in their skills (Mastery), and they are part of something bigger that has meaning (Purpose). At Veracity, we are passionate about these principles for motivation. We’d love to help your teams embrace these ideas to create a magnetic and energizing culture.

Your Team

We believe in maintaining long-term relationships with our clients, not long-term engagements. We enable you and your teams to be self-sufficient by helping you solve problems at the core and lifting the expertise and skill level of your existing teams.

Solve Problems at the Root

You will be able to treat the true causes of your symptoms instead of treating the symptoms. For example, many agile-focused companies will only provide agile training when much more is required to entirely stop and prevent future wasted development. With Veracity Solutions, you can properly diagnose what is causing your pain and implement a plan that will be effective both in the short and long-term.

Coach and Lift Your Existing Teams

With our help, you can mentor and coach your existing teams so that their performance will be better long after our engagement concludes. We provide this coaching organically by working alongside your team. However, we also can provide training on a more formal basis if called for.

Proactively Address
Other Software Launch Issues

With Veracity Solutions, you will have the necessary resources and expertise to adopt and sustain agile development best practices. We also have a team of experts that understand the entire launch process. We can help you:

  • Analyze your market and develop your value proposition to ensure your software creates the most significant value for its users
  • Conduct technical feasibility based on market and product requirements
  • Develop your software solution
  • Establish pricing and packaging
  • Enable your marketing, sales, implementation, and other post-launch related teams so that your software is successfully adopted
  • Plan for your product lifecycle
Launch Continuum

By harnessing our in-depth knowledge of the entire software launch process, you can prevent or spot problems that a traditional agile consultant would miss. For example, without a broader skillset, you would not be able to detect and avoid the other root causes that lead to development delays and wasted development. With Veracity Solutions as your partner, you get the best of both worlds. You will have the specialized know-how needed to implement agile development best practices as well as the expertise required to spot and solve problems across the entire software launch continuum

Benefit From Our
20 Years of Experience

We have helped hundreds of clients over the past 20 years to plan, develop, and deliver great software. One-third of all physicians in the US, two-thirds of all US hospitals and over 13,000 pharmacies use software that we have helped create.

A tech-enabled company recognized the need for agile consulting. We were able to assess their situation and identify the gaps in the people, process, and structure. As a result, the company restructured their teams based on product components instead of functional teams. The client also set up a team responsible for ongoing maintenance of the roadmap. As a result of the changes, the client was more consistent with their product releases and focused their development efforts on higher value projects and features.

Veracity Solutions

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  • Help your organization adopt agile best practices
  • Use agile to help solve major problems faced by your company
  • Harness our in-depth knowledge of the entire software launch continuum
  • Empower your existing teams for ongoing success
  • Gain Peace of mind from our proven track record