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The process of launching software products is a continuous cycle that builds off each iteration. We’ve broken the software launch process into 4 phases. Weaknesses or issues in the earlier phases will often contribute to problems that arise later in the launch process.

Use this assessment to evaluate the weak points in your launch process and start to identify the root causes of your greatest launch pains.

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More About the Launch Continuum

We've broken the software launch process into 4 phases called the launch continuum. Below are the processes that should typically be followed at each stage:

Challenges and problems arise at each phase of the Launch Continuum. Sometimes these challenges are just a regular part of launching software. Other challenges are a result of not following best practices in earlier phases or previous software launch iterations. The key to improving is identifying and fixing the root causes of your challenges. Too often we address the symptoms instead of the root causes.

The Launch Continuum can be applied to both new software projects as well as existing software platforms. With each software release, you may not spend an equal amount of time in each phase, but you should spend some time in every phase.

The Veracity Launch Assessment will help you identify the root causes of many of your current launch pains. Take the assessment and let us know how we can help you out.