Launch Continuum: Moving off the pain, finding the root cause

Challenges? What challenges? Said no one ever when building & releasing software.

Just about any company that builds software, whether the intended end user is external or internal, will face a development cycle requiring their teams to strategize, plan, develop, launch and adopt. We call this cycle the Launch Continuum.

Across the phases of the Launch Continuum, we as builders of software see our strengths, and core competencies thrive, while many of our weaknesses express themselves as pains we might feel throughout our launch cycle. Initially, our most basic instinct and internal WebMD tells us to treat that pain immediately, many of us fail to dig deeper and find out what’s actually causing that pain. At Veracity Solutions we have developed a simple do it yourself assessment to help steer you towards asking the right questions and uncovering the root causes of your development pains.

What pains do we feel when launching new or relaunching existing software products?

Okay, take a breath. We don’t intend to cover every pain you’ve ever felt over the expanse of your career, but consider this, have you felt those same pains before, with other software releases? Or have those pains followed you from a previous employer to the “greener pastures” of your current position? We’ve found that many of these pains are universal and are respecters of no one. So what are they and how are they felt? Well, a few examples are; early in the strategy and analysis stage, there may be too many priorities stacking up or a lack of market knowledge impeding the process. In the planning stage, we’ve witnessed companies that are stuck validating design/features, it’s common to see scope creep act as a major irritant in this stage too. Even the more obvious challenges within the development stage such as wasted development or development delays that are painful and costly can be traced to a specific root cause.

Root cause? Please explain.

So we mentioned some common challenges during the Launch Continuum. What are some of the common root causes for the given examples? When dealing with too many priorities we can drill down to a few root causes 1) lack of a prioritization process 2) inability to say no to a customer or 3) not enough information to make a clear decision. One or more of these root causes can drive the pain(s) felt downstream.

Magic bullet: Shoot it to me straight.

In all honesty, there isn’t a perfect solution to every launch challenge. Not all can or will be identified upfront; nor will they all be corrected at their root cause on the first attempt. Our data shows the most significant success comes from aligning on the most impactful challenges and working to solve their root causes through a coordinated effort in all functions.  This assessment can be used across departments, to help you identify and align on the most high-value pains to be resolved.

Veracity Solutions helps organizations plan, build and launch successful software solutions from conception through adoption. Companies solve their stubborn and unique problems at the core by relying on our expert advice, coaching and staff. We can help you solve your critical business goals and lift your team in the process.