DevOps Consulting Services

Partner with the right DevOps Consulting Company

When searching for a DevOps consulting company to help you increase your velocity and improve your quality, find a company that empowers you to:

  • Use the right set of services that match where you are in your DevOps journey
  • Reap the full benefits that DevOps has to offer
  • Enable your team with the tools and experience for ongoing success
  • Gain peace of mind from their proven track record

Use Our DevOps Consulting Services to Ensure Success

Find the right combination of services to help you accomplish your goals. We will help you take a holistic approach to DevOps by considering your:

  • Architecture
  • Automated testing capabilities
  • Data management
  • Agile practices
  • Infrastructure
  • Security
  • Culture

DevOps Transformation

A DevOps transformation is perfect for you if you are early in your DevOps journey. We will help you evaluate where your organization stands on architecture, automated testing capabilities, agile best practices, infrastructure and more. We will then work with you to map out a plan to bolster each of the DevOps pillars and help you execute on that plan.

DevOps Assessment

We will help you evaluate where your organization stands in terms of your DevOps journey. We will evaluate your architecture, automated testing capabilities, agile practices, infrastructure, culture and more. Upon the completion of the assessment, we will collaborate with you on a prioritized plan for improvement.

DevOps Projects

If you already know you need to improve one of the key functions of DevOps, we can help you define success and map out a plan to get there. We will then help you and your team execute on that plan, providing guidance, coaching and manpower to get the job done.

DevOps Coaching

Coaching is perfect for you when you know you are light on a certain area and just need some guidance on how to best improve. Our team of experts are eager to help you by using their decades of experience helping companies progress through their DevOps journeys.

Achieve Real Results by Taking a Holistic DevOps Approach

You can achieve significantly better results by taking a holistic approach to DevOps instead of taking a piece-meal approach that others advocate. We would love to help you achieve the following results.

Faster Delivery of Features

Provide more value to your users by continuously delivering new features. We can help you make the necessary changes to deliver more value to your customers in the same amount of time. No longer will your investment be tied up in development. You can reap the rewards of your development investments on a daily basis.

Happier Employees

Your employees will be more engaged and productive. As we help show them a better way, they will enjoy their jobs more and see greater opportunities for advancement.

Reduce the Cost of Development

The cost of fixing software defects costs 2 to 15 times more the longer you wait to fix them. By fixing software bugs immediately, software developers have all the context necessarily to resolve the issue. The longer the delay, the more likely the developer will forget the context. Worse yet, it is not uncommon to have a different person fix the bug than the one who created it, causing the developer to relearn what the other developer did.

We can help you save thousands or even millions over time by automating your testing process in order to catch and fix software defects right away.

More stable environments

You can create a more stable and consistent experience for your users by creating more stable environments and introducing fewer bugs into production. We will help you adopt tools and methodologies to document and deploy new environments the same, consistent way, every time.

You can also reduce the number of software bugs introduced to your users. You can do this through automated testing and by using the same environment across production, testing and even development to a degree.

Enable Your Team
For Future Success

We believe in maintaining long-term relationships with our clients not long-term engagements. We enable you and your teams to be self-sufficient by helping you solve problems at the core and lifting the expertise and skill level of your existing teams.

Solve Problems at the Root

You will be able to treat the true causes of your symptoms instead of just treating the symptoms. With Veracity Solutions, you can properly diagnose what is causing your pain and implement a plan that will be effective both in the short and long-term.

Coach and Lift Your Existing Teams

With our help, you can mentor and coach your existing teams so that their performance will be better long after our engagement concludes. We provide this coaching organically by working alongside your team. However, we also can provide training on a more formal basis if called for.

Benefit from our 20 years of Helping Companies
Build Better Software

We have helped hundreds of clients over the past 20 years to plan, develop, and deliver great software. One third of all physicians in the US, two thirds of all US hospitals and over 13,000 pharmacies use software that we have helped create.

We helped a large population health organization restructure their architecture team to be the only source of architectural governance for the entire organization. The transformation enabled more than three dozen development teams to focus on implementing the architecture plan instead of arguing over what the plan should be.

We also helped a direct sales company by analyzing the company’s current architecture. Based on their goals, we provided additional guidance to help create a modular architecture that would allow the business to be more agile and make high-value improvements to their software.

Veracity Solutions

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Ensure your success by partnering with an experienced DevOps consulting company:

  • Leverage the DevOps services that are right for you
  • Reap the benefits of faster development and better quality
  • Empower your existing teams for ongoing success
  • Gain Peace of mind from our proven track record