Charitable Traditions

What drives you?  What makes you feel good?  What do you do to help others?  At Veracity, we have a tradition of raising money for the Utah Food Bank during the holiday season.  They use our donations wisely and their cause is one close to our hearts.  In the past, we would raise money, then use that money to purchase groceries that we delivered to the Utah Food Bank.  Veracity would match each donation from employees and consultants.

A few years ago, we learned that for each dollar donated, the Utah Food Bank could use leverage to turn it into $7.81 dollars for every dollar raised, so instead of buying our own groceries, we chose to give them a check.  At that same time, we started delivering food packages made of both non-perishables and fresh food from the Utah Food Bank to folks in the community who needed it.  In our Raleigh office location, our team members put together food boxes for those not mobile enough to pick up the food.  Boxes were filled with staples like pasta, oatmeal and canned vegetables.  It was a great combination of giving our time and means.

We took another important step this year:  we have grown quite a bit in the last few years and decided to split our donations between the Utah Food Bank and the Raleigh Food Bank because our team members are distributed throughout the country.  We split our team members equally into two teams and had a contest of “East vs. West” and served in both food banks.  Of course, Veracity matched dollar for dollar again but also gave an additional $250 to the winning team.  The competition was healthy:  we had team members who made multiple donations to ensure their team would win and the competition translated to a banner year!  We set a new record of money raised:  $5,726!  Which really means $44,720 or about 28,580 meals provided with the leveraged buying power of the food bank.  Between both teams, we had 26 people contribute financially and 15 people help with building and delivering boxes.

We’re thankful for all our team members who contributed time and means this year – THANK YOU!  We did something good that will help hundreds of those in need this season.