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DevOps Teams Why They Generally are a Bad Idea

Forming a DevOps team starts out as a good idea, but then slowly evolves into a bad one

Webinar Description

Are you in an organization with a DevOps team? More than half of organizations doing DevOps have a specific "DevOps team" that slows them down and wish there was a better way! Why? What happened? Why did the team get created in the first place?

The formation of a DevOps team usually starts out a good idea, but then slowly evolves into a bad one. In this webinar, we'll discuss how creating DevOps teams can severely hurt your ability to succeed, and we will outline a better way to practice DevOps in your organization.

About the Presenter

John Esser, CEO

In his new role as CEO of Veracity Solutions, John continues to lead out on Agile and DevOps transformations. John has an extensive background having most recently led organizations such as Ancestry, AdvancedMD and 1-800 Contacts through similar transformations. Additionally, John has spoken and keynoted at numerous conferences and even co-authored ‘Transformational Leadership: A Quick Start Guide’ .

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