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The Veracity Community is the combination of everyone that makes Veracity work: employees, software consultants, partners and Veracity’s management team. We are a collective of people who are hungry, humble, people smart and stand out because of our expertise. We are kind, direct, collaborative, strategic and are expert in creating value for our customers.

Veracity has a unique business model where we all belong and are needed. You see at Veracity, there are those who support those doing work for our clients and there are those that are doing the work for our clients. We all consider ourselves servant leaders and work together to ensure the others’ success. We build value every day for our customers and each other thus creating a virtuous value cycle.

Why Join The Veracity Community?

Veracity Solutions’ commitment to better software every time is built on the principles of truth and trust. Our people make us great, and each individual is a reflection of Veracity. Our community of experts has the right combination of wicked smarts (IQ) and high emotional intelligence (EQ), along with a healthy dose of commitment to action. We integrate with our client teams, blending our expertise with theirs. We call this integration Blendsourcing™. Veracity will be a great fit for you if you can answer yes to the following questions:

  • Do you prefer sharing credit rather than taking all the credit? Are you truly the smartest person in the room and wish someone would challenge you?
  • Do you know how to get along with anyone?
  • Do you lean into solving technical, business, team and social challenges?
  • Do you enjoy independent contracting, yet still prefer being part of a team?
  • Are you adaptable, and like interesting and challenging projects?
  • Do you like to learn and grow?

We are looking for people who are humble, hungry, and people smart. If you enjoy a fun, challenging team, and want to contribute to creating better software, every time, please look at the open positions and see if there is a fit. If you don’t see a fit and you resonate with our culture, then register to join our community- we still want to talk. We enjoy working with the best.

Top 10 Reasons You Should Contact Us Today

Explore the many software consultant jobs we have open

1. The People

We like to work with people who fit our culture so expect a cool community. One in which the people want to help you grow, want to give and receive feedback and who are kind, transparent and eager to create value for our customers.

2. The Projects are Challenging and Interesting

While not every project you’ll work on with Veracity is a 10 on a 10 point scale, you’ll find plenty of interesting problems to solve.

3. You Get to Work with People Smarter Than You

We tend to attract people who are tired of being “the smartest guy in the room.” At Veracity, you’ll be amongst peers who are just as smart or smarter than you – who are willing to help you grow. The intelligence level here is really high!

4. The Money is Great

We pay fair market rate plus a little more so no one has to think about money. We believe that money is an extrinsic motivator and intrinsic motivators are much more powerful.

5. The Company is Stable

We’ve been around for 20 years and have been on a steady growth and maturity path. We have a strong leadership team who cares deeply about both consultants and clients.

6. Converge

Converge is a once-a-year fly in for all active and former Veracity consultants and employees. It’s a time to learn, network, collaborate and have a lot of fun.

7. Mature Practices

Veracity leans on experts for its practices. We have experts in Architecture, Product Management, Agile, Development and UX who know their stuff.

8. Opportunity to Grow

We provide training opportunities for both employees and consultants. Our training opportunities are well balanced and cover both hard skills and soft skills. We have recently had both SAFe training and training in building trust with others. How’s that for diverse!

9. The Culture is Healthy & Vibrant

Our culture is a great balance of respect, kindness, transparency, helpfulness, kaizen and giving and receiving feedback from each other.

10. Accelerate Your Career Here

Think about it: over the course of a few years, you’ll work on a wide variety of projects, industries, challenges and with a variety of Veracity team members and client personalities. 2 years with Veracity could equal 10 years elsewhere!

Some of the Veracity Community During Converge