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With our software consulting services, you can make software development a core competency at your company.

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As a network marketing company, you don’t sell your technology. As a result, it is easy to just focus on the product or service you offer. However, we have helped several network marketing companies create greater value for their customers and ambassadors by using our software consulting services. We have helped our network marketing client's architect and build software solutions that align and drive their strategy.

Use Technology to Enhance Your Service or Product

The world’s most innovative network marketing companies are using technology to provide greater value to their customers.

Use Custom Developed Software and Guided Expertise to Improve Your Operations

You can cut costs and increase efficiency with the right technology. Most network marketing companies have unique technology problems that need unique solutions. Having an assessment completed can help you dig into which differentiators of your technology you should focus on and mature. We can help you decide what technologies can be purchased and which need to be built as custom solutions. Our team knows this industry and knows how to accelerate your business expansion strategy via technology.

Learn How We Have
Helped Other Network Marketing Companies

We measure success with our clients by the ability to implement solutions that move their business forward and allow them to be a leader in their industry

Leadership Support and Coaching

Our client engaged with us to help fill several strategic key leadership and senior development roles. They were feeling many of the pains and challenges that come with accelerated growth, and we were able to help resolve many of them. Our engagement came at the heels of a time-critical rewrite and creation of new applications and their integrations to the core technology. In addition to the key leadership and senior development teams, we introduced product management and Agile coaching resources. Our team also led the implementation of the architecture roadmap. The result of the engagement was a successful launch of the required technology, an increase in client team skills and an eventual self-sufficient department of teams with the expertise to support the new technology. We were able to disengage and leave the majority of these teams with an increased ability to sustain the company growth moving into the future.

Increased Development Velocity

Our client was feeling many challenges as their enterprise grew beyond the capacities of their existing technology, such as the inability to deliver new software features quickly, and they were missing out on market opportunity because of it. We engaged and made recommendations on how to improve their software launch continuum efforts. Our architecture team assessed the existing structure and led the implementation of our recommendations. We helped form and train a strategic architecture team to improve on their holistic system approach to align their technology and business strategy. We continued to coach the team until they were self-sufficient and had the expertise to lead the effort for themselves. The team was successfully implemented and continues to add strategic value to the client.

Accelerated Development

We first engaged with our client by performing an architecture assessment. Based on our findings during the assessment, we helped them create a strategic transformation roadmap for their IT organization. A key part of this roadmap was the establishment of a product organization within IT to bridge the gap between business and technology delivery. Additionally, many other efforts were successfully led in a short period of time, such as the introduction of Agile development practices, DevOps and change management, a continuous delivery roadmap, strategic enterprise architecture, and development team realignment and culture shift. The goal of these changes is to improve the client’s launch continuum strategy by understanding the business needs, how to manage them, and how to effectively deploy and get the technology into the users’ hands. We’ve supported the initiatives of hiring the right talent, building confidence from business leaders in the technology goals, and successfully making progress towards all of the strategic recommendations. The relationship between IT and business operations is better than it has ever been, and higher quality software is being delivered more often, and it continues to accelerate.

Solve Your Software Development Challenges
At The Core

With over 20 years of experience helping our network marketing and other clients successfully develop software, we have seen just about every problem out there. Below are some of the most common challenges we see.

Development Delays

Missing development timelines are all too common. However, the root causes can be hard to accurately find and even harder to fix. We can help you assess the actual causes of your development delays and develop an actionable plan to get you back on track.

Software Quality Issues

Spotting software quality issues are manageable. Fixing the issues can be a challenge. Identifying the root causes of the issues is even harder. However, the investment in solving your software quality and performance issues will pay off. We can help you find the root causes of your software issues and develop an actionable plan to ensure they don’t keep happening.

Poor Alignment on our Product Strategy

We can help you align your people, process, structure and even technology to support your product strategy. Once alignment is achieved, you will have the full force of your organization in support of your product strategy. We can help you identify and make the changes required to make your product strategy a reality.

Missing Sales Targets

Missing your sales targets can be caused by many factors. A software solution that doesn’t meet the needs of its target buyers is probably the most common. However, even a product with excellent market fit could be priced poorly, hindering your sales team from hitting their sales targets. We can help you evaluate the root causes of missing your sales targets and help you put a plan in place to solve them.

Wasted Development

One of the most predominant causes of wasted development is developing features that are rarely used. We can help you focus your development efforts on the features that create the most value for your customers. You can objectively assess the market and see how well it aligns with your product roadmap. We will provide you with a list of risks and recommendations that you can act on.

Lack of innovation

The first step to innovating is having an in-depth knowledge of the needs of the market. Once you understand your market, you can more easily think of creative ways to meet those needs. We can help you objectively size a market and describe key buyer personas: what jobs do they try to get done, their challenges and desired outcomes. We can then provide you with a framework to explore innovative ways to help buyers and potential users of your product accomplish their jobs.

Enable Your Team For
Future Success

We believe in maintaining long-term relationships with our clients not long-term engagements. We enable you and your teams to be self-sufficient by helping you solve problems at the core and lifting the expertise and skill level of your existing teams.

Coach and Lift Your Existing Teams

With our help, you can mentor and coach your existing teams so that their performance will be better long after our engagement concludes. We provide this coaching organically by working alongside your team. However, we also can provide training on a more formal basis if called for.

Solve Problems at the Root

You will be able to treat the true causes of your symptoms instead of just treating the symptoms. With Veracity Solutions, you can properly diagnose what is causing your pain and implement a plan that will be effective both in the short and long-term.

Proactively Address Other
Software Launch Issues

With Veracity Solutions, you will have the necessary resources and expertise to plan, implement and maintain software that will help you meet your goals. We also have a team of experts that understand the entire launch process.

By harnessing our in-depth knowledge of the entire software launch process, you can prevent or spot problems that others would miss. We can help you:

  • Analyze your market and develop your value proposition to ensure your software creates the most significant value for its users
  • Conduct technical feasibility based on market and product requirements
  • Help your organization adopt agile best practices
  • Use Agile to help solve major problems faced by your company
  • Supplement your product management team
  • Develop your software solution
  • Enable your marketing, sales, implementation, and other post-launch related teams so that your software is successfully adopted
  • Plan for your product lifecycle
Launch Continuum
Veracity Solutions

Start The

ensure your software project’s success by partnering with us

  • Solve your complex software development problems at the core
  • Gain peace of mind from our proven track record working with other network marketing companies
  • Harness our in-depth knowledge of the entire software launch continuum
  • Empower your existing software development teams
  • Leverage the software development services that match your needs
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