Software Due Diligence

Gain Peace Of Mind With A Software
Due Diligence Engagement

You can reduce your investment risk and increase your negotiating power. With a Veracity software due diligence engagement, you will understand the pros, cons, and risks of the technology of potential acquisitions and investments.

Launch Continuum

Identify Opportunities
For Improvement

With Veracity Solutions, you will be able to discover potential improvements across the entire software lifecycle. We can help you:

  • Analyze your market and develop your value proposition to ensure your software creates the highest value for its users
  • Conduct technical feasibility based on market and product requirements
  • Create a user experience and user interface that helps your users successfully carry out their objectives
  • Establish pricing and packaging
  • Enable your marketing, sales, implementation, and other post-launch related teams so that your software is successfully adopted
  • Plan for your product lifecycle

By harnessing our in-depth knowledge of the entire software launch process, you can prevent or spot problems that technology specialists often miss.

Reduce Your Risk With A
Product & Technology Assessment

You can complete a full assessment or choose the areas you want to focus your assessment on.

Architecture Assessment

We can help you evaluate the architecture and technical debt of the target. We will help you assess the IT organization, platform, system, or single application. As a result, we will help you identify current or emerging issues from the perspectives of:

  • Maintainability
  • Scalability
  • Performance
  • Availability
  • Security
  • Deliverability

People & Process Assessment

Understanding the processes and people within a target company is just as important as understanding the technology. We can help you evaluate how well equipped a potential acquisition is at identifying market needs, conducting technical feasibility and developing software efficiently. You will also better understand what should be improved upon to analyze, plan, build and launch software projects more effectively.

Cost Analysis

Conduct an audit of code samples to evaluate code quality, technical debt, and potential security concerns. We can help you understand the quality of the code you may purchase or make investments in.

Agile Inception and

You can gain a better understanding of how much potential value is in a company’s product roadmap. You will better understand how much value should be placed on the future earnings potential, possible improvements to retention and other value creators in the backlog.

Understand Your True Investment Opportunity
With A Market Fit Assessment

Gain a deep understanding of how well a potential acquisition fits within their market or markets. We can help you gain a greater understanding across the board or in just a few focused areas.

Business Model Assessment

Gain a perspective on your business model that you’ve never had before. We will work with you to document your business model using an intuitive and easy to understand framework. You will gain more significant insights into alternative options and receive recommendations for improvement.

Market Assessment

Gain a more in-depth understanding your existing market or a market you are considering selling into. With our help you will be able to:

  • Size a market
  • Describe the key buyer personas
  • Estimate market growth over time
  • Forecast revenue based on business model assumptions

Market Simulation

Estimate how well your offering will succeed with a market simulation backed by academic research. Determining how well a new product will do in a new market is tough to do without the right tools. We can help you estimate with surprising accuracy by using a statistically driven model based on research from hundreds of new product introductions.

Portfolio Assessment

Objectively identify which products and businesses to keep in your portfolio, and which you should consider selling or shutting down.

Product Management Organizational Design

Identify how to build or restructure your product management/strategy organization. We will help you objectively evaluate existing talent and create plans to improve expertise through hiring, temporary resources, and training.

Change Management

As you shift your strategy, we can help you align your people, process, structure and even technology to support your plan. We can help you make the changes required to support your organization’s goals.

Value Proposition Assessment

Create actionable concepts that describe the customer value proposition of your offering. We can even help you validate and tune the value proposition concepts by conducting qualitative and quantitative research. You will receive recommendations and detailed findings that you can immediately act on.

Pricing Studies

Optimize your pricing and packaging to ensure you are capturing as much of the value that you are creating for your customers as possible. We will help you create and test your pricing and other monetization strategies. You will receive recommendations and detailed findings that you can implement right away.

Sales Enablement

Does your target acquisition understand their buyers’ journey? Have they equipped themselves with sales and marketing tools to efficiently guide their buyers through the buying process instead of stumbling through? We can assess how they are doing and find opportunities for improvement.

Empower Your Portfolio Companies
To Succeed

We believe in maintaining long-term relationships with our clients, not long-term engagements. We enable your target companies to be self-sufficient by helping them solve problems at the core and lifting the expertise and skill level of their existing teams.

Solve Problems at the Root

You will be able to treat the actual causes of symptoms that emerge at your portfolio companies instead of just treating the symptoms. For example, it is common to provide more people or resources to meet development deadlines. This is sometimes needed. However, there are usually more cost-effective ways to solve a software deadline problem. With Veracity Solutions, you can correctly diagnose what is causing the pain at your portfolio companies and implement a plan that will be effective both in the short and long-term.

Coach and Lift the Teams at Your Portfolio companies

With Veracity Solutions, you can mentor and coach the teams at your portfolio companies so that their performance will be better long after our engagement concludes. We provide this coaching organically by working alongside your team. However, we also can provide training on a more formal basis if called for.

Benefit From Our
20 Years of Experience

We have helped hundreds of clients over the past 20 years to plan, develop, and deliver great software. One-third of all physicians in the US, two-thirds of all US hospitals and over 13,000 pharmacies use software that we have helped create.

A tech-enabled company recognized the need for agile consulting. We were able to assess their situation and identify the gaps in the people, process, and structure. As a result, the company restructured their teams based on product components instead of functional teams. The client also set up a team responsible for ongoing maintenance of the roadmap. As a result of the changes that Veracity helped the client make, the client was more consistent with their product releases and focused their development efforts on higher value projects and features.

Veracity Solutions

Evaluate your risk and optimize your investments
by partnering with us

  • Reduce your risk with a product & technology assessment
  • Understand your true investment opportunity with a market fit assessment
  • Identify opportunities for improvement
  • Empower your portfolio companies to succeed
  • Benefit from our 20 years of Experience