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Unlike a traditional UI company, we can help you create a powerful user experience and proactively address other software launch issues while empowering your team for long-term success.

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User Experience Assessment

We will help you assess your user experience. We start by learning about the goals, objectives, and jobs your users and potential users need to accomplish. We then compare these user objectives to the user flow within your application. The greater the alignment, the better the user experience. We will also analyze other aspects of the user experience like load times, software quality and user perceptions. By conducting the assessment, you will better understand the strengths and weaknesses in your software’s total user experience.

User Experience and User Interface Design

We will help you create a UX design that matches the goals and objectives of your users. Here is the typical process we will go through:

  1. Develop user personas and user journey maps
  2. Map ideal process flow based on user personas and journey maps
  3. Wireframe and get feedback
  4. Design UI and other UX Components
  5. Test and incorporate feedback
  6. Monitor and Optimize

Proactively Address
Other Software Launch Issues

With Veracity Solutions, you will have the necessary resources and expertise to plan, develop and deliver your software project. We can help you if you simply need help optimizing your UX, but we also have a team of experts that understand the entire launch process. We can help you:

  • Analyze your market and develop your value proposition to ensure your software creates the most significant value for its users
  • Conduct technical feasibility based on market and product requirements
  • Develop your software solution
  • Establish pricing and packaging
  • Enable your marketing, sales, implementation, and other post-launch related teams so that your software is successfully adopted
  • Plan for your product lifecycle
Launch Continuum

By harnessing our in-depth knowledge of the entire software launch process, you can prevent or spot problems that a traditional UX UI company would miss. For example, a typical UI UX Design Agency will not be able to detect and prevent the problems that occur when there is poor alignment between product and market requirements. With Veracity Solutions as your partner, you get the best of both worlds. You will have the specialized know-how needed to supplement your team as well as expertise across the entire software launch continuum.

Our Influence

Trust A Company With
20 Years Of UI/UX Experience

We have helped hundreds of clients over the past 20 years to plan, develop, and deliver great software. One third of all physicians in the US, two thirds of all US hospitals and over 13,000 pharmacies use software that we have helped create.

Your Team

We believe in maintaining long-term relationships with our clients not long-term engagements. We enable you and your teams to be self-sufficient by helping you solve problems at the core and lifting the expertise and skill level of your existing teams.

Solve Problems at the Root

You will be able to treat the true causes of your symptoms instead of treating the symptoms. For example, redesigning your user interface may not lead to the improvements in the user experience you are hoping for. However, by evaluating the other root causes of a poor user experience, we can help properly diagnose what is causing your pain and implement a plan that will be effective both in the short and long-term.

Coach and Lift Your Existing Teams

With Veracity Solutions, you can mentor and coach your existing teams so that their performance will be better long after our engagement concludes. We provide this coaching organically by working alongside your team. However, we also can provide training on a more formal basis if called for.

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