How Lumeris is Revolutionizing Healthcare Through their Product & Technology


Revolutionizing the Healthcare Industry

Lumeris is a healthcare company seeking to revolutionize their market through value-based healthcare. On their journey to transform, struggles with execution, strategy, architecture and technology stood in the way of achieving their business goals.


Difficulty Defining Direction

Lumeris faced many unique challenges that would impede their progress toward a value-based healthcare model.

An extensive product portfolio made it difficult for Lumeris to refine their strategic direction, and progress was hindered as teams worked to carry the weight of multiple projects. Work that could be outsourced was given to third parties, but this soon became a detriment as vendors failed to deliver during critical launch times.

Software development processes were slow and methodical, and existing architecture was limited and difficult to scale, making it incompatible with their future goals. In addition, onboarding or ‘standing up’ new cities took almost 2.5 years to complete, making their growth rate incredibly slow.

Eventually, employees began to feel burnt out and powerless and before long, IT risked losing many of its greatest employees.

"Veracity helped us calmly stay on the rails."

– Galen Murdock , CTO, Lumeris


Step 1: Refine the Product

Veracity joined Lumeris to assist in a complete business transformation, guiding change through both the product and technology portions of their company. Veracity began by providing experienced senior leadership to start the transformation from the top down.

Together, Veracity and Lumeris worked through their extensive product portfolio to assess, prioritize, and eliminate any items that would distract from their vision of success. A well-defined backlog simplified the workload for employees, allowing them to focus on only the most critical outcomes, and a roadmap was created for long-term growth. Third-parties who were not supporting the future of the company were eliminated, with plans to replace their technology from within.

Step 2: Transform Technology

Once the product had been defined, it was time for Lumeris to take back control of their technology.

Lumeris worked closely with Veracity to rearchitect and build systems that had been previously supplied by third-party vendors. IaC was used to stand up new environments, creating the scalability, efficiency, and flexibility the business required. By building modernized, cloud-based systems, Lumeris’ critical technology was turned from a ‘powder-keg,’ into a fully scalable, reliable system on AWS.

In addition, Agile Centers of Excellence were organized to improve the software development lifecycle and coordinate the efforts of over 30 teams. Seasoned software leaders were put in place to provide guidance and mentorship, helping Lumeris move toward mature software development patterns, practices, and processes.

Soon, the growth of their business began to speed up as cities that previously took 2.5 years to onboard could now be set up and stabilized in a matter of months. This speed, efficiency, and reliability significantly improved outcomes for customers, who now could feel fully supported during times of heavy enrollment.

Organizational Impact

With the right training, processes, and technology set in place, employees no longer felt powerless but enabled for success. Soon, IT even had the lowest attrition in the company.

Lumeris’ investment in their business allowed them to improve efficiency, define their strategy, and ultimately land multi-billion-dollar partnership to support the future of their company. While they still have much to do to achieve their ultimate goals, Veracity helped Lumeris get on track for success and enable their transformation far into the future.

In the words of CTO, Galen Murdock, “Veracity helped us calmly stay on the rails.”

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