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Helping companies with digital transformation has been our passion for over 20 years. While the cloud is no longer new, it’s supporting technologies are. 

Many IT and product teams don’t have the specialists capable of creating, implementing, and supporting these technologies.

Veracity Solution partners with businesses to fill in the gap strategically with solutions like training, developing, or managing the capability as a service. 

We’ve created a strategic framework for business transformation that guides you through the complexities and focuses on your team and the post-transformation business value. 

Too many transformation projects fail when resources are over-dedicated to the transformation project instead of focusing on creating business value with a post-transformation mindset. We help product teams and IT organizations through strategic transformation projects by removing the burden of the transformation and preparing the organizations for implementing their new capabilities. 

We connect companies seamlessly to the cloud and educate them on taking advantage of new technologies to transform how value is created in the organization—from internal operations to customer experience.

You can think of us as your skydiving instructor for the business clouds. Probably wise not to jump without an instructor. 


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Galen Murdock

Founder and Chairman of the Board

Lonnie Buchanan

Chief Architect and Executive Security Director

Career Opportunities

We are constantly seeking experts in industry who are ready for a change of pace and audience. Joining Veracity Solutions gives you the ability to apply what you’ve learned in your career to the transformation of other industry leading companies with the flexibility to capitalize on hard lessons learned. With flexible full time and community level positions we are always open to a conversation.

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