Lessons from COVID: Now is the Time to Embrace Change

COVID has forced many organizations to prioritize digital transformation initiatives to transition from survive to thriveNew research suggests that success in this endeavor hinges on how your organization views and embraces change. 

“COVID is bringing the future forward and forcing organizations to accelerate digital transformation efforts,” says John Esser, Veracity Solutions CEO and contributor to a new report titled: Change in a Successful Organization 

Born out of the sixth annual DevOps Forum, this report is a forward-looking guide with insights to help business leaders navigate the challenges to driving change within their organizations. 

Quadrants of Change 

 One of the main focal points of the research is the analysis of the four types of successful organizations: 

  1. The Hopefully Triumphant Organization 
  2. The Continually Successful Organization 
  3. The Blissfully Stagnant Organization 
  4. The Successfully Complacent Organization 

Those in the Hopefully Triumphant quadrant have a high motivation for change but a low ability to execute. Successes happen but are often just a one-off. The spirit of drive and motivation that once catapulted them past competitors has faded with no real understanding of how or why it’s now faded. This is a temporary state, with organizations either learning to sink or swim in a new environment. 

Organizations that find themselves in the ‘Continually Successful’ quadrant enjoy a high motivation and high ability for change. Not always the first to enact change, leaders here have developed a culture and process that realizes the value of change and all the steps along the way. 

Perhaps the one area that sounds like a backhanded compliment is the ‘Blissfully Stagnant’ quadrant. Success happens here, but the authors point out that it’s often due to external factors. An essential strategy in certain markets, most organizations who fail to make it out of this quadrant end up extinct. 

Then there’s the oddballs. Successfully Complacent organizations aren’t typically motivated for change but can easily adapt when needed. This is a reactive stage that still sees some success yet often ends in being swallowed up by innovative disruptors who are doing it right. 

Digitally Transform or Die 

Many leaders are still struggling to come to the realization of the actual effect the pandemic has had on the health of the business. 

“In the era of COVID, all the organizations, except perhaps the Continually Successful, are at significant survival risk,” said Esser. “Typical ROI metrics are out the window because it is a matter of survival. 

It’s a gamble to assume a return to the way things were before COVID. Instead, it’s time to embrace the chaos of the past few months and pivot to a new model of success that will serve your organization in the current circumstances and set you up for success in the future. 

What about my organization?  

Get the insights you need to diagnose where your business sits within the quadrants of change. Use this link to download a complimentary copy of the report.  

Veracity Solutions helps clients realize their digital transformation ideas and turn them into reality. Discover how we can help you not just survive – but thrive. Connect with a Veracity Solutions team member in your region to learn how we can customize our services to fit your individualized needs. 

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