The Impact of DevOps: Bolstering Business Value

As demonstrated in cases like Etsy, Target, and Ancestry, IT has the power to change the outlook of your organization. The role of DevOps is to help enable technology so that business goals can become a reality.

Consider how your business could benefit from successful IT and the adoption of DevOps by reviewing the following:

Complete Business Transformation

John Deere is just one example of a company leveraging technology to undergo a complete transformation. After years of being labeled as a leader in farm equipment, John Deere decided to transform in a revolutionary way.

With the help of data analytics, the MyJohnDeere platform was born, allowing farmers to digitally manage, analyze, and optimize the performance of their crops for the first time.

For an organization that seemed to have “peaked,” John Deere used digital transformation to rewrite their story, unlock new revenue streams, and create a business built to last far into the Digital Age.

Improved Employee and Customer Retention

Taking charge of culture could be one of the most valuable things leaders do for their businesses. Studies have shown that organizations that struggle with cultural divides, fear of failure, and broken processes may be working directly against the health and happiness of their employees. Long hours, high stress, and continued system failures often instill feelings of powerlessness, which, according to many psychologists, is one of the most damaging feelings humans can experience (DevOps Handbook, xxviii).

DevOps and digital transformation have the power to mend the damage from years of broken processes by eliminating cultural divides, encouraging autonomy, and improving processes. With the right culture, IT leaders can empower their employees and eliminate frequent roller coasters of stress, which can result in lower attrition, higher intrinsic motivation, and improved employee happiness.

Likewise, DevOps transformation can have a major impact on the satisfaction of your customers. By streamlining, refining, and deploying at a higher velocity, organizations can deliver value without disrupting the customer experience. Satisfied customers lead to increased customer retention, sales, and a positive trajectory to meet your business goals.

Meet Business Objectives

You may have heard it before — These days, every company is a technology company. This means that regardless of your company definition, mission statement, or even organizational goals, the success of your business in some way relies on IT. Whether you host an e-commerce website, manage data centers worldwide, or even use a cash register, you need your technology to work, or your company won’t progress.

Improving the efficiency and positive outcomes of technology can only stand to benefit you in the long run. So, whether your goal is to reach one million subscribers, increase revenue, or push into new industries, a positive digital transformation can set you up for success.

Gain a Competitive Advantage

The success of large-scale DevOps adoption has led to a surge in interest in the subject. However, while many are trying to reap the rewards of DevOps, few may ever get it right. According to Gartner, by 2022, a staggering 75% of DevOps initiatives will fail to meet expectations over time.

Proper execution could be the advantage you need to stand apart in a competitive market. Those who succeed will enable their business to run faster, work smarter, and stay one step ahead.

How to Begin Your DevOps Journey

If your business is looking for a change, DevOps could be your answer. With the right tools, principles, culture, and implementation, DevOps has the power to not only shift the fate of IT, but also transform your organization.

It’s time to shift the perception of IT and turn an inherent problem into a valuable, strategic solution. If you’re ready to embark on your DevOps Journey, download the Veracity Guidebook: Navigating Your DevOps Journey, and book a free hour with a Veracity expert.

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