The Veracity Recap: Tech Summit 2020

Last week, over 24,000 attendees joined at the Salt Palace Convention Center in Salt Lake City for the Silicon Slopes Tech Summit 2020. From the sponsorship arena to the standing room only software development track, here’s what Veracity was up to at the event.

The Sponsor Pavilion

As a platinum sponsor, the Veracity Team had the chance to interact with guests at the summit, sharing the Veracity Gameboard and discussing the various capabilities. If you haven’t had the chance to review the Veracity Gameboard yet, download your copy now.

IMG_8849The Veracity Solutions Software Development Track

This year, Veracity Solutions had the chance to present the first-ever Software Development Track at the Silicon Slopes Tech Summit. This was the highlight of the weekend as we got to hear from world-class speakers and innovators in the software development space.


Jeff SutherlandAgile Transformation


As the inventor and co-creator of SCRUM, Jeff Sutherland drew quite the crowd for his presentation on Agile Transformation. It didn’t take long before it was standing room only.

Event attendee, Tim Sorweid, raved about Jeff Sutherland’s presentation and his accomplishments in the software development space, saying “Jeff and Ken [Schwaber] have made the kind of impact on society that only a few men and women in a generation make on the world.” Soreweid called his time at the Tech Summit, “Utah’s 2nd Best Day in Agile History,” second only to the date the original Agile Manifesto was signed (by Jeff Sutherland himself) back in 2001.

View a full recording of Jeff Sutherland’s presentation here.

Veracity CEO, John Esser, introduces Jeff Sutherland at the Software Development Track.


Lonnie Buchanan Quantum Computing

Next up, Veracity Solutions Chief Architect, Lonnie Buchanan, took the stage for a presentation on “Quantum Computing”. As a common theme in his message, Buchanan talks about how there are often obvious solutions to things we tend to overcomplicate.

To view his full presentation on “Quantum Computing”, click here.


Lonnie Buchanan presents on Quantum Computing with his buddy Qbert.

Amy Walters – Project to Product Transformation

As an Enterprise Product Coach at US Bank, and after a long stint as an Enterprise Product & Agile Coach at Target, Amy Walters has seen her fair share of successful transformations. In her presentation, she unpacks “The Project to Product Transformation,” written as part of the DevOps Enterprise Forum in 2019 and discusses the seven unique domains to address for lasting transformation.

View her full presentation here, or download her full eBook, “The Project to Product Transformation.”

StandingRoomOnlyStanding Room only at the Software Development track January 30-31.

Adrian Cockcroft – Modern Application Development – Serverless First

VP of Cloud Architecture Strategy at AWS, Adrian Cockcroft, began the Friday morning session with his presentation on “Modern Application Development – Serverless First.” In this presentation, Cockcroft shares his expertise gathered through his time at eBay, Netflix, and AWS to break down modern, dynamic applications and share what teams need to do to achieve them.

View his full presentation here.


Brent DykesEffective Data Storytelling

As a local Sr. Director of Data Strategy at Domo, Brent Dykes was close to home as he presented on Effective Data Storytelling. His passion for data science was clear as he discussed the idea that “Stories beat statistics,” and his belief that data science skills can be used across every unique position within an organization.

Many of his insights shared in his new book, Effective Data Storytelling, published in 2019 and now available on Amazon.

To view the full presentation, click here.

BrentDykesPresentationBrent Dykes presents on Effective Data Storytelling.

Randy Shoup Minimum Viable Architecture

Randy Shoup, VP of Engineering at WeWork, closed out the session with his presentation on Minimum Viable Architecture. Throughout his career, Shoup has seen architecture at every phase, from small start-ups to monoliths like eBay and Google. During this presentation, Shoup discusses the different phases of architecture, and how the architecture you use should be catered to the unique needs and size of your organization.

View his full presentation here.


Veracity was honored to present the first ever Software Development Track at Tech Summit 2020, and looks forward to continuing to support the Silicon Slopes Tech Summit in years to come. 

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