Veracity Speakers Announced for Tech Summit 2020

Veracity Solutions is thrilled to announce a prestigious lineup of speakers for the Silicon Slopes Tech Summit 2020. As presenter of the first-ever Tech Summit Software Development track, Veracity has rounded up key experts, thought-leaders, and innovators to share the latest advancements in the Software Development space.

Get to know our speakers for Tech Summit 2020 and find out when to catch them at the event.


Jeff Sutherland, Co-Creator and Founder, Scrum

“Agile Transformation” – Thurs. Jan. 30 @ 2:00 PM


Jeff Sutherland is a long-time thought leader in the software development space, as the co-creator of the Scrum framework and one of the original authors of the Agile Manifesto in 2001. His contributions to refining software development practices have improved efficiency for countless organizations, with SCRUM now sitting as the most widely used Agile framework worldwide.



Lonnie Buchanan, Chief Architect, Veracity Solutions

“Quantum Computing” – Thurs. Jan 30 @ 3:15 PM


Lonnie Buchanan is the Chief Architect at Veracity Solutions with an impressive background in management and business architecture. His commitment to bridging the gap between business and technology has made a positive impact across countless organizations, with specific emphasis on health-related industries. His most recent positions include leading the architecture team at SelectHealth and contributing as Director of Enterprise IS Architecture for Intermountain Healthcare, overseeing both the enterprise architecture and Telehealth programs. His impact with the Telehealth program led the way for next-level patient/clinician interaction, receiving national recognition.


Amy Walters, Enterprise Product Coach, US Bank

“Project to Product Transformation” – Thurs. Jan. 30 @ 4:15 PM


Amy Walters is an accomplished Enterprise Agile Product Coach with over 15 years-experience leading teams to their full potential. Throughout a 7-year stint at Target, Walters held positions ranging from ITSM release management, to application deployment automation, and eventually Enterprise Agile & Product Coach for the organization. This served her well as she transitioned to her role at US Bank near the end of 2018, and continues to educate others on best practices and the “Project to Product” Transformation.


Adrian Cockcroft, VP Cloud Architecture Strategy, AWS

“Modern Application Development – Serverless First” – Fri. Jan. 31 @ 1:30 PM


Adrian Cockcroft is the VP of Cloud Architecture Strategy at AWS, with a particular emphasis on open-source projects. His previous experience has taken him from eBay as a founding member of eBay research labs, to Battery, and Netflix, where he and his team were responsible for implementing the personalized homepage. He was nominated as one of the top 10 Cloud Computing Leaders by Search Cloud Computing Magazine in 2011 and 2012 and continues to share his knowledge as a thought leader in cloud, DevOps, and micro-services architecture with executives worldwide.


Brent Dykes, Senior Director of Data Strategy, Domo

“Effective Data Storytelling” – Fri. Jan. 31 @ 2:30 PM


Brent Dykes is the Senior Director of Strategy at Domo, with over 15 years-experience in enterprise analytics, consulting, and digital marketing. As a former Sr. Evangelist of Data Science & Analytics at Adobe and after nearly 4 years with Domo, Dykes has developed a passion for data-driven marketing and data storytelling. He enjoys speaking at events, contributes regularly on, and was recognized as the Most Influential Industry Contributor by the Data Analytics Association in 2016.


Randy Shoup, VP of Engineering, WeWork

“Minimum Viable Architecture” – Fri. Jan. 31 @ 3:30 PM


Randy Shoup comes from an extensive background providing highly scalable and available systems to hundreds of millions of users. His experience and passion have come from serving organizations of every size, whether he was acting as a CTO, Chief Engineer and Distinguished Architect at Ebay, Director of Engineering and Cloud Computing at Google, or working with small to mid-size organizations through his consulting agency. He now resides as VP of Engineering at WeWork and is a notable speaker on everything from scalability to analytics, engineering, and the connection between people and technology.


A full agenda for the Tech Summit can be found on the Silicon Slopes website. Keep an eye out for the Software Development track at the event and don’t forget to stop by booth P1 to visit Veracity. We look forward to connecting with you!


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