Embracing Ongoing Digital Transformation in Healthcare Technology

Nurse in healthcare embracing digital transformation while caring for patient

The healthcare industry is undergoing a profound revolution driven by advancements in technology. Digital transformation has emerged as a powerful catalyst, enabling healthcare providers to enhance patient care, streamline operations, and revolutionize medical research. However, the digital transformation journey doesn’t end with the implementation of a few technological solutions. Ongoing digital transformation is crucial to […]

Compliance Tips for Healthcare Technology Teams

In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare technology, compliance auditing plays a crucial role in ensuring data security, protecting patient privacy, and maintaining regulatory compliance. With an increasing number of data breaches and regulatory requirements, healthcare technology teams must prioritize robust auditing practices to safeguard sensitive information and mitigate legal and financial risks. In this blog […]

Reducing Data Redundancy in Claims Processing

Data redundancy is a problem that affects many industries, but it is especially prevalent in claims processing. Data redundancy occurs when you need to enter the same piece of information multiple times. This often happens when multiple authors are making changes in a document and reuploading said document to a repository, resulting in duplicate data […]

What is a Data-Driven Business?

In this post, we’ll cover the definition, characteristics, challenges, and benefits of being a data-driven business as well as the steps to becoming a data-driven business by using data to improve performance and inform strategy and decision-making.

On-Prem to Azure: A Guide to Cloud Migration

Are you considering a move to the cloud? In this article, we’ll take you from on-prem to Microsoft Azure, walking step-by-step through the cloud migration process, and offer special considerations to keep in mind as you begin your cloud journey.

Agility in the Automotive Industry

In the move to electrification is BMW as Agile as we are led to believe? I’ve been keeping an eye on the electric vehicle (EV) market for a while now, with an eye on making the leap to an all-electric vehicle as my next purchase and moving away from the internal combustion engine as my […]

A Response to TechRepublic’s ‘How to Beef up Your Multi-Cloud Security’

A few weeks ago, TechRepublic posted an article about “how to beef up your multi-cloud security.” A Valtix study found that  IT leaders believe “employees lack the necessary skills to manage multi-cloud security.” 95% of survey respondents said they’re prioritizing multi-cloud in 2022. However, only 54% said they feel confident that they have the tools […]

The Future’s Technological Heart of Glass

Some ancient cultures believed the heart was the center of an individual. They believed the characteristics that make someone who they are, comes from the heart. In terms of a modern-day computer, the information it contains represents the distinctiveness of that technology. What is contained in that machine, makes it unique. The storage mechanisms, or […]

How to Stay the Course to Completing Your Project

This blog post is the fourth and final post in a series exploring the ideas I shared in a LinkedIn article titled “Beware of hearing what you want to hear“. Though the original article was about my experiences at Veracity Solutions, I hope you’ll be able to apply these ideas to your projects and relationships. […]

How to Have Hard Conversations

This blog post is the third in a series where we’re exploring the four points I shared in an article titled “Beware of hearing what you want to hear”. Though the original article is about my experiences at Veracity, I hope you’ll find some useful ideas you can utilize in your own projects and relationships.

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